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access the site with a 7 day FREE trial       Our AWARD WINNING music academy is ready to turn you into a rockstar. Ever wanted to try and learn MORE than one single instrument? We have over 100+ hours of cleverly designed video tutorials, for guitar lessons, drum lessons, with ukulele and piano lessons on the way. Each lesson you’re about to discover is designed with you in mind. Whether you’re a kid, a teen, a ‘grown up’ or a great grandma – from absolute beginners, you’ll find lessons worth exploring right inside

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We will keep it simple here with a handful of ‘AWARD WINNING’ teachers, just the right amount of videos and simple course layouts that you can easily navigate through. Rockademy Masters is made with you, ‘the boss‘, in mind. Our teachers have used the best bits of their brains to make an idea become real – this website. The teachers you will study with are full time music educators and musicians… they are some of the best in the business, Masters of music if you will. We understand that many growing musicians (which is you) are curious to dabble with other sounds, which is why we made it possible for you to access an array of instrument courses all inside this one website! 

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Learning a musical instrument takes time, patience, dedication and repetition. At RM, you are in charge of how fast or slow you want to learn. Repeat the same lesson again and again, or hop to a new topic. Follow our cleverly designed course  curriculum or use the easy search tab to find a particular lesson. Why not jump in and jam along to one of our awesome custom made backing tracks? This music academy is available in over 120 countries, including United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, most of Europe and many more.


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We promise to upload at least one completely fresh lesson or course each and every month. If we don’t, you can have my pet cat. Wanna try a few lessons for free right now? Of course you do, simply tap the video, or click here for more.




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Rockademy Masters offers all it’s members instant and unlimited access to every lesson, all the backing tracks and the downloadable lesson notes. Where other sites teach one instrument, RM is being designed to offer multi instrument lessons all within the single membership fee. Log in one day and learn songs like Back In Black, Eye Of The Tiger, 12 bar blues. The next day, get the sticks out and learn some paradiddles, rock grooves and drum fills. Let’s rock 

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Every lesson can be accessed from the palm of your hand so you can literally take us with you anywhere in the world. For the best experience, we recommend you access all of the courses via a computer, where you can view the videos in HD and then take full advantage of the free downloadable PDF lesson notes.